Waste Management


One of the most difficult tasks of the industrial establishment managers is the management of solid, liquid and gas wastes which are generated during production activities. Most of the establishments can not find economical solution to their problem through their own structure due to the waste quantities. MASS helps industries to determine and reduce volumes of the wastes, transport wastes from the production area, to dispose such wastes in compliance with the laws and regulations. A separate organization is established especially to tackle these problems and to help industrialists for their management of their wastes.

Our scope of services range from consultancy service, transporting hazardous wastes by licenced vehicles, treatment of the wastewaters at treatment plants operated by MASS, temporary storage, recycling of the wastes to final disposal.


MASS added the application of waste management in industrial plants 8 years ago, in the business of finding solutions to environmental problems which started with the production of equipment and package wastewater treatment plant. MASS has been carrying on the activities of analysis of industrial waste quantitatively and qualitatively, determination of suitable way of disposal and transportation to waste disposal plants in compliance with current law and regulations with a seperate unit constitued for this certain aim.

Services provided to industries within the scope of these activities are:

  • Transportation of liquid and solid hazardous wastes generated from production to licensed hazardous waste disposal plant by licenced vehicles.
  • Transportation and treatment of industrial waste waters which generates from production in small quantities to licensed Wastewater Treatment Plants in accordance of regulations.
  • Transportation of non-hazardous industrial solid wastes and domestic solid wastes to landfill areas.


MASS, offers waste management and auditing facilities to Organised Industrial Zones within the scope of a project.

Waste management applications in Organised Industrial Zones is based on authorization of Organised Industrial Zone Management for controling and monitoring of wastes as an infrastructure authority within the industrial zone, the responsibility of monitoring transportation and disposal of wastes in compliance with current law and regulations and minimising waste disposal cost.

OIZs work areas are arranged according to matters outlined below, the preferred category and service procurement demand.

  • Controling and Monitoring of Wastewater Discharge
    • Establishment of Wastewater Monitoring
    • Sewer Lines Monitoring
    • Wastewater Quality Monitoring
  • Transportation of Wastes
    • Transportation of Hazardous Liquid and Solid Wastes
    • Transportation of Non-Hazardous Wastewaters and Sludge
    • Transportation of Non-Hazardous Industrial Solid Wastes and Domestic Solid Wastes
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water and Sewerage System
    • Operation of Transmission Line
    • Operation of Water Storage Tank and Pumping Stations
    • Operation of Wastewater Pumping Stations

The above mentioned services, fictionalizing ideal waste controling and monitoring for Organised Industrial Zones in addition including operation and maintenance of water, sewerage and storm water system, is a typical Waste Management Project. This Project has been performed in Gebze Industrial Organised Zone successfully for 8 years.



Waste Management


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