Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industry and waste are two concepts which are shadows of each other. Wastes are the realities of the life where there are industrial activities. Each day we discover how the wastes destroy the environment in multiple ways seriously. Diversity of these damages comes from the endless diversity of the industrial production which is also producing a wide diversity of waste. Special state of the industrial wastewater treatment process is based on this reality. MASS base it’s solutions on the relations between production/water consumption/waste water and on the careful examinations of waste water characteristics, treatability options and specific local conditions.

MASS has compeleted numerous designs and key-turn constructions of treatment facilities for food, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, paper, agro, battery, automotive and other kind of industries.

MASS has undertaken the leadership to treat industrial mixed waste waters of technoparks, free zones and organized industrial areas which are the places where various industrial activities are located under special laws and regulations in our country.

Among the procedures and technics of treatment applied through out these facilities there are chemical coagulation, settling, chemical oxidation, neutralization, flotation, lamella settling and oil removal, active sludge, sequencing batch reactors, biofiltration, anaerobic stabilization, activated carbon adsorption, tertiary filtration, sludge conditioning, sludge drying bed and lagoon and to dewatering of sludge.

MASS approaches to each case first taking necessary precautions to reduce the waste by implementing good housekeeping upto choice of treatment process and management, under a system optimization approach.

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