What is Social Responsibility?

For the future of the world: our social responsibilities, environmental issues and world’s population growth have induced numerous concerns.

Governments, local administrations and the society have recently apprehended the requisiteness to bring out common solutions to leave a habitable world for future generations. The most significant step on this was establishment of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The NGOs are extremely successful in identifying current and prospect issues, and setting forth solutions accordingly. As the NGOs considerably contribute to social justice, the governments have also promoted such organizations, and private corporations have also recently made benefit of the NGOs’ power.

Private corporations are bringing into effect Corporate Social Responsibility Projects together with a partner NGO. Foreseeing the benefits ensured by social responsibility projects, many corporations have established their associations and foundations. The point reached at generating and implementing Social Responsibility Projects are exceptionally promising for the future of our world.

Mass Arıtma sponsors the “Every Child Needs Fresh Water” campaign launched by Children Kidney Foundation. The studies are being made since 2013.

Being voluntarily established in order to help to children with renal failure, Children Kidney Foundation joins forces with MASS Arıtma, a pioneer of the wastewater treatment industry thanks to thirty-one years of pride, for the campaign “Every Child Needs Fresh Water”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among children and families by giving trainings at primary schools about renal failure, to contribute to formation of a healthy society, and to increase sensitivity of the society on this matter.

Why Fresh Water must be consumed?

Water is the source of life. A human may survive almost a month without consuming any food, but a week without water leads to death. Nevertheless, our knowledge about water is limited. In fact, we fail to consume the amount of water we need, and we fail to fully support our body.

For the purpose of extending our knowledge about water and particularly of raising awareness among children, the campaign “Every Child Needs Water” has been launched in cooperation of Children Kidney Foundation and Mass Arıtma A.Ş.



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